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We created Chirpy because most of our team is over 55 and we found that everything online for us is either a simple website or designed for the younger crowd.  So we spent a looooooong time building a complete, social, interactive (and fun!) platform.  The number one fear of over 55's is loneliness but we don't want to admit it - so we created Chirpy as the best solution.  We want to make more friends - both men and women, we want to save money, we want to have fun.  But most of all, we want to ensure our privacy is protected and secure.  
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Loneliness is the biggest epidemic facing us over 55's today in Australia, please help us make a difference.

“I love how easy it is to meet people - I struggle to meet new people and it's nice to be able to arrange a coffee so quickly and easily - where has Chirpy been?”




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14 Day FREE Trial - then only $8/month - and we take PayPal to make it easier :-)